1st ELCOD Workshop

This workshop is intended for everyone who is interested in unmanned aerial vehicles. We hereby offer you an interesting programm about development issues of drones. Flight control systems, flight permission, light weight design, simulating parts in CAD-software etc. are covered.

In addition to a wealth of information presented during the technical sessions, we offer you the opportunity to have a „meet and greet“ and an information exchange with the experts in panel discussion as well as in personal discussions.

As a highlight and amazement of the day, we invite you to attend flight demonstrations of different, well prooven drones and ELCOD‘s first technology carrier prototype.

1st ELCOD workshop

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Offenburg University | July 5th 2018

  • regular fee € 80,-
  • student fee € 40,-

please, register until June 22nd 2018

  • online registration via. contact form
  • email registration via. elcod(at)hs-offenburg.de

or contact

Badstraße 24
77652 Offenburg, Germany
+49 781 205 4622

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