IMAV 2019 (International Micro Air Vehicle COMPETTION) 01.10.2019 .DE


International Micro Air Vehicle Competition and Conference 28/09 – 05/10/2019 in Madrid

One day of competition, 16 teams from all over the world (list of participating universities below) and 25 minutes to prove themselves in front of the professional jury.

This year, three major missions were part of the tests:

a 3D mapping of a 3 ha land + real time recognition of color boxes and drones on the ground
precision delivery of parcels with real time color recognition
precision delivery of a fragile package.

Extra points were awarded for a live video broadcast of the missions and if the missions were completed in less than 25min.

Despite a 20km/h wind on the day of the competition, most missions were successfully completed by the team’s drones.

At the end of the day, INSA Strasbourg was placed first in Europe and 3rd in the overall ranking:

1st : Beijing Institute of Technology (China)
2nd : Penn State University (USA)
3rd : INSA Strasbourg

For four years, year after year, INSA Strasbourg has been progressing in the general ranking. Everyone still hopes to climb the steps of the podium for the following competitions!

A next communication will present the scientific contributions with the presentation of Ana Paulino during the conferences associated with the IMAV competition (determination of a dynamic model of drone).

List of participating universities:

We thank the management of INSA Strasbourg, the departments of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering for their support. The results of this work contribute to the success of the ELCOD project financed by Interreg and ERDF funds.

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