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IMAV CONFERENCE: a new scientific paper for the ELCOD project presented by Ana Dos Santos Paulino

The IMAV competitions are an opportunity for research laboratories to present their recent work and discoveries and to share them with the scientific community. During this 11th edition of the IMAV, Ana Dos Santos Paulino, post-doctoral student in automation on the project ELCOD (Endurance LowCOst Drone) presented a scientific publication. This work was about the experimental and numerical comparison to obtain the numerical model of an aircraft. If in the study, the work was carried out on a glider, the goal of the method is to be able to generalize the results on motorized models. This is also the purpose of the current study on the long endurance ELCOD drone.

The first model is based on in-flight measurements (in-flight) and the second on the numerical modeling of the aircraft geometry (off-flight). At the end of test campaigns, it is possible to find the transfer function of the studied aircraft. The objective of this work is a posteriori to program the autonomous flights of aircraft by knowing exactly their dynamic behavior.

  1. C. D. S. Paulino, A. Murie, T. Pavot, M. Lefebvre, R. Kiefer, E. Laroche, and S. Durand, “Experimental versus computational determination of the dynamical model of a glider,” in 11$^{th}$ international micro air vehicle competition and conference, Madrid, Spain, 2019, p32-41.

In-flight tests – Determination of the numerical model with flight tests

Off-flight tests – Determination of the numerical model under xflr5

The ELCOD team of INSA Strasbourg shows its multidisciplinarity by performing in the outdoor competition and by presenting scientific publications. New theses are starting on this project, which will continue to show the involvement of INSA Strasbourg in scientific research.

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