3rd ELCOD Workshop

The workshop is postponed to a later date that we do not know at the moment because of the Covid 19. The development of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and their application has progressed rapidly in recent years. There is a need, in particular, for low-cost aircraft for transporting smaller payloads and [...]

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IMAV 2019 (International Micro Air Vehicle CONFERENCE) 01.10.2019 .EN

IMAV CONFERENCE: a new scientific paper for the ELCOD project presented by Ana Dos Santos Paulino The IMAV competitions are an opportunity for research laboratories to present their recent work and discoveries and to share them with the scientific community. During this 11th edition of the IMAV, Ana Dos Santos Paulino, post-doctoral student [...]

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IMAV 2019 (International Micro Air Vehicle COMPETTION) 01.10.2019 .DE

IMAV COMPETITION: THE DRONE TEAM OF INSA STRASBOURG ON THE PODIUM! International Micro Air Vehicle Competition and Conference 28/09 - 05/10/2019 in Madrid One day of competition, 16 teams from all over the world (list of participating universities below) and 25 minutes to prove themselves in front of the professional jury. This year, [...]

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Forum Franco-Allemand 15-16.05.2019

Franco-German Forum in Strasbourg on mobility The ELCOD project was present at the Franco-German forum on mobility, energy and territories which took place on 15 and 16 May 2019 in Strasbourg in the region's offices. Our objective was to show our project to the political and industrial world present during these two days [...]

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Let’s come back in pictures on the INSA Open Days in Strasbourg 26.01.2019.en

Let's come back in pictures on the INSA Open Days in Strasbourg 26.01.2019 On Saturday 26 January, INSA Strasbourg held its open days. This is a privileged moment to communicate with the whole school and the general public about the ELCOD project and the UAV projects. Many high school students and their parents, [...]

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IMAV 2018, Research Conferences, RMIT Melbourne, 19.11.2018.en

IMAV 2018, Research Conferences, RMIT Melbourne, 19.11.2018 IMAV (International Micro Air Vehicle) conferences are an opportunity for universities and research centres to showcase their work in various fields. list of articles on : http://www.imavs.org/imav2018-proceedings/] The Team Cigogne of INSA Strasbourg participated this year in this tenth edition in Australia: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/equipecigogne/ http://genie-electrique.insa-strasbourg.fr Among [...]

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Dialog Science 2018, Strasbourg 27.11.2018.en

Dialog Science 2018, Strasbourg 27.11.2018 On 27 November 2018, around 150 people representing the fields of science, economics, administration and politics participated in the event "Dialog Science - Innovation Pole, Knowledge Region, Quality of Life - What contribution are the scientific actors making in the Upper Rhine Metropolitan Region? ». It was an opportunity [...]

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