The project promotes the pooling of the competences of IUAS, INSA and CNRS/ICPEES, each with many years of experience in the field of unmanned aerial systems, propulsion and measurement technology, whereby the French and German partners cover important key technologies.

One major project task also focuses on environmental aspects of the UAV propulsion system (thermal engine vs. fuel cell) and the development of innovative sensors for real-time air pollution measurement. Herein, the development of compact and lightweight analytical instruments is a scientific challenge requiring microfluidic analytical development.

Presently the legal conditions for UAVs are frequently and controversial discussed throughout Europe. The current progression of applications and requirements seems to be the ideal time to strart developing a French-German co-production for this market. Three French and one German companies are involved as associated partners.

The major potentials of the project and the cooperation are the activation and support of…

  • the cross border exchange of knowledge,
  • the prospect of gaining new scientific or technical knowledge,
  • the industial-academic transfer of knowledge,
  • new business activities in a completely new market,
  • the acquisition of new findings,

especially for SMEs in the Upper Rhine region.

A UAV developed in German-French cooperation that complies with the respective European regulations will bring sustainable technological progress for the region and will be deployable without major constraints in other European member states. In addition to the various possible applications, the project will also make an important contribution to the promotion and enrichment of the Upper Rhine region through the production of UAVs in regional SMEs.