INSA Strasbourg is a Grande École – an engineering and architecture school. The Strasbourg school, whose origins go back to 1875, joined the INSA group in 2003. In 2016 this is a grouping of seven national institutes of applied science: Lyon, Rennes, Rouen Normandie, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Centre Val de Loire and Euro-Méditerranée in Morocco. INSA Strasbourg is the only public engineering school in France that also trains architects and offers a dual course.

Missions of INSA Strasbourg:

  • initial training of engineers and architects
  • continuing education for engineers, architects and managers
  • preparation of other higher education diplomas
  • fundamental and applied research

Renaud Kiefer holds a PhD in Electronic and Optoelectronic, as well as an aggregation in Electrical Engineering. He is associate professor in Optoelectronic and researcher in the Photonic Instrumentation and Procedures research laboratory, at INSA Strasbourg. He has led research and development activities in the fields of UAV design and flight control electronics since 2005. Model maker for more than 30 years, he has acquired a great experience in the design and construction of aircraft models made of composite materials. He is also a pilot of gliders and ultralights airplanes, and he has all the qualifications required to be UAV pilot.

Tasks: Leader of the ELCOD project team at INSA Strasbourg | UAV specifications | Electronic | Mechanical design and manufacturing of the drone | Pilot for the flight tests

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Marc Vedrines is aggregated professor and associate professor in mechanical and mechatronic design and computation, as well as teaching manager of the mechatronic formation, at INSA Strasbourg. He is also researcher in the Control, Vision and Robotics research laboratory.

Tasks: Organization of the ELCOD project | Design and computation of mechanical components | Finite elements simulations | UAV specifications | Manufacturing of some parts

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François Geiskopf is aggregated professor and associate professor in mechanical design and manufacturing and researcher in the Control, Vision and Robotics research laboratory, at INSA Strasbourg. He is also member of the Boad of Directors of INSA Strasbourg.

Tasks: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Supervisor | Data Management

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Thomas Pavot is an electrical engineer (specialized in embedded systems), at INSA Strasbourg. He discovered the UAV world thanks to an internship during his 4th year of study at INSA Strasbourg. Thus, he prepared quadricopters for the International Micro Air Vehicles (IMAV) competition 2016 in China. The goal was to land a UAV on a H-shaped target by image processing. Then, Thomas continued to work on UAVs during his 5th year. He did his final internship at INSA Strasbourg, working on the ELCOD project. He also participated in the IMAV Competition 2017 in Toulouse, France.

Tasks: Design engineer of the ELCOD project | Manufacture of the first prototype | Dimensioning and operation of the fuel cell | On-board system and flight control | UAV promotion for INSA students

Martin Lefebvre is a mechanical engineer (specialising in materials science) at INSA Strasbourg. He started this project at the end of his university studies as part of his final year project. Now preparing an applied thesis on this project in the field of composite materials.
He participated and presented the ELCOD project at the conferences of the 10th International Air Microvehicle Competition (IMAV) 2018 in Australia. The conference focused on the characterization and simulations of a sandwich composite.

Tasks: ELCOD project design engineer / manufacture of the first prototype / CAD / material characterization / material simulations & structure studies / UAV promotion for INSA students

Ana Carolina DOS SANTOS PAULINO holds a doctorate in automation from the University of Strasbourg, a mechatronics engineer from the University of Brasilia, and a general engineer from Télécom Physique Strasbourg with a master’s degree in robotics and automation. His experiments in modeling and control of autonomous vehicles began in a robot competition team in Brasília and during his final year project in the field of underwater vehicles, and now continue in the ELCOD project.

Delphine Untereiner holds a Master’s degree in European Plurilingualism and Interculturality from the University of Strasbourg as well as a Master’s degree in Local and Regional Governments from Sciences Po Strasbourg. She works as a European Project Manager at INSA Strasbourg. She manages four INTERREG Projects.

Tasks: Manager of the INTERREG ELCOD Project at INSA Strasbourg / organisation of events / communication

We would also like to thank the participating students…

Armand Besset | Pierre Ferkous | Arda Yigit | Nicolas Léonnard | Nathan Moundengue | Guillaume Heude | Léo Wurtz | MCKenna Waiker | Jean-Philippe Scheufler | Iyed Gana | Pierre Pellae | Xiaoyu Wang | Victor Talbot | Jean Henry | Vincent  Ximenez | Anthony Coindevel | Eustaquio Fernandes | Ilies Lakhal | Guillaume Aubineau